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Hi I'm Seth Morgan. I am 12 years old and I have been playing guitar since I was six years old. My dad is Jim Morgan and he plays in a band from Galesburg Illinois called DRY. Sometimes I get up with my Dadís band and play rhythm guitar with them. I have been taking guitar lessons from Charlie Hayes, a licensed guitar instructor at Cherry Street Guitar since I was 7.
If you click on the Videos link above you can watch and hear me playing with DRY at the 2003 Galva Days street dance. Click the Pictures link above and see photos of me playing. Some pages are not finished but they will be soon.
Seth's First Live Gig Seth Live at the 2004 Galva Days Street Dance
My first live gig with my dad at the
Avon Street Dance. I was 8 years old.
Live at the Galva Street Dance 2004.
I got paid!
I have been looking to join or start a band some day. Since I'm only 12 years old it is hard to find other kids around my age that can play and want to be serious. My all time favorite band is Cheap Trick and my idol is Rick Nielsen. He is the main reason I started getting serious with my playing. Some of the first songs I learned were Cheap Trick songs because they are easy and fun to play.

My first guitar was a Fender Mini Stratocaster that I got when I was 6. It was a little smaller and played easy with my small hands. After a couple of years I traded it in and bought a Hamer guitar. Now I have four guitars of my own. I have a Hamer Sunburst Archtop, a Hamer Californian, a Waterstone Quest, and an Ovation Acoustic. I think my favorite guitar is my Waterstone Quest because it's a little smaller and is hollow inside and has a really cool sound.
I would like to thank Bob Singer of Waterstone Guitars for giving me this great guitar.

Thanks everyone for viewing my web page!
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